Nursery Care

Nursery Information

Welcome to the Nursery at Trinitarian Congregational Church! In the Nursery, we care for infants up to 3 years old, when they join the preschool class starting in September.

Nursery Care Providers: We are blessed with the nurturing care of Julie Ferro and Jennifer Sullivan. They alternate Sundays, so your child will get to know both women well. They are both certified, professional daycare providers, and we are lucky to have such expert staff!

Time: The Nursery is staffed from 9:50 to 10 minutes after the service is finished. Please be prompt in picking up your child.

Pagers: Parents will receive a vibrating pager at check-in that must be returned at dismissal. The Nursery Care Provider will page you only if necessary – please report to the Nursery promptly.

Parent helpers: The school-aged children worship in the sanctuary for about the first 20 minutes, then will be released to class. During this 20-minute time period, the Nursery Care Provider needs a parent to stay with them. It is imperative that there be two adults in the room in case of an emergency or to prevent any compromising situations. There is a sign-up, or the last parent to drop their child off will be asked to stay. Another option is for the parent to take the child(ren) into the sanctuary for the first 20 minutes and drop them off when the older children are released to class. We find that most Nursery children attend the first 20 minutes of the service with their family, so we may officially change the Nursery care from 10:20 – 11:10 if we find that to be the case.

The nursery and preschool rooms share a door that has a window. Once the Preschool children are next door, they will always have a teacher and a Parent Helper. There is often a high-school helper in one or both rooms, so there are potentially 5 able pairs of hands. It is up to the Nursery Care Provider to decide if they need an extra parent to stay in the Nursery for the entire church service. You are always welcome to stay with your child, whether or not the Nursery Care Provider asks for assistance.

Labeling: Please label anything you leave in the nursery – diaper bag, cup/bottle, etc. If anything is unlabeled, the Nursery Care Provider will label it.

Good Health Guidelines: We want to provide a healthy environment in our nursery, so we ask you to keep your child at home if you observe any of the following in the previous 24 hours: fever, diarrhea/vomiting, green or yellow running nose, excessive coughing, questionable rash, or communicable disease.

If your child becomes ill while in the nursery, you will be notified promptly.

Toileting Policy: If a child is toilet-trained, they will be accompanied to the bathroom right next to the Nursery. If the child does not require assistance, the Nursery Care Provider will remain outside the bathroom door. If the child does require assistance, the Nursery Care Provider will help as needed.

Diapering Policy: Diapering of infants and toddlers may be done on the changing table in the Nursery bathroom with the door open. As an alternative, a parent may be called to the nursery to do the changing. We do not stock diapers or spare clothing.

Feeding Babies/Toddlers: We require caregivers to thoroughly wash their hands before feeding a baby. Two rocking chairs are provided in the nursery for comfortable feeding. If a burp cloth is not found in the diaper bag, the staff will use a paper towel.

The church supplies the Nursery with goldfish and animal crackers. The Nursery Care Provider will check the attendance roster for any identified food allergies. Please tell the Nursery Care Provider what your child is able to eat, and feel free to bring another snack such as Cheerios if the snacks provided are not appropriate.

Locking Policy: In an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment in the nursery, we lock the nursery when it is not being used on Sunday mornings or by the Norton Playroom.

Donations: In order to maintain the safety of all items in the nursery, all donated toys must be dropped off in the Church office. If we are unable to use your donation, it will go in the White Elephant sale at the next Church Fair. Thank you for thinking of us!


We look forward to getting to know your children, and watching them grow. Please share with us anything that would make their lives easier – how they like to be comforted, things they really don’t like, how they slept last night, changes in their lives, or anything else that you feel is helpful. And keep us updated as the year progresses – these kids change so quickly!